Garment Care


  • We recommend washing your cashmere gently after it has been worn three or four times.
  • Cashmere can be hand washed or dry cleaned. We recommend hand washing, following these few simple guidelines:
  • Hand wash in lukewarm water (30 degrees)
  • Gently squeeze the suds through the fabric, take care not to rub the garment too much as this may cause shrinkage and increase pilling (little balls that appear with the loose fibres tie up together).
  • Rinse the garment in cool clean water, squeezing gently without wringing or twisting.
  • A short, light spin in a spin dryer will help remove most of the water.
  • Smooth the garment back into its original shape, gently coaxing any trims back to the correct size.
  • Dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators and sunlight.
  • Ideally the garment should be dried flat on a clean towel.
  • When dry, press lightly with a cool iron (two dots)

Following these instructions, your garment will preserve its shape and luxurious touch for many years - the hallmarks of the very best cashmere.