Halloween at TDM

As we are now almost half way through October, the autumnal chill is surely making its way through Teviotdale Mills. We are now full steam ahead into Halloween, which is an exciting time for getting creative with outfits, decorating, baking and crafting.
We at Teviotdale Mills love Halloween, and we have decided to get a little spooky with our decorations to get into the festive spirit, while showing you some of our favourite seasonal outfits that we have available.
Prevent any spine-chilling moments by keeping warm and dry in our selection of ladies and men’s coats and jackets. We have many brands available such as Beaver of Bolton, Chrysalis, Jack Murphy and Mackintosh, all of which provide a stylish and comfortable layer on top of your Halloween costume!

We have an extensive range of William Lockie 100% cashmere accessories, many being unisex. William Lockie cashmere has a humble beginning, originating from mountain goats found in the freezing climates of China and Mongolia. These goats grow a downy under fleece of soft, short hair to protect themselves from winter temperatures as low as -40°c. This beautifully luxurious undercoat is cashmere. There are many colours available on our website, but we think this set brings a touch of black magic.


Our William Lockie Leven Vee and Crew Neck Sweaters are made with 100% pure lambswool. Only the finest quality wool from the best pedigree sheep makes the cut for William Lockie lambswool items. These sheep are especially reared in South Australia where the climate is mild, and this helps produce this world famous quality wool. And don’t panic, the spiders are not included.

Perfect for the autumn season are our William Lockie Ruffled Lambswool Ponchos. These are new in and part of our ladies autumn 2019 collection, they come in 8 lovely colours and can be styled in many ways. Paired with a cosy roll collar sweater underneath, your evening walking the kids around the neighbourhood while they trick-or-treat will not come with an added chill. 

We love wearing the colour Ember especially at this time of year, so why not pair our William Lockie sleeveless cardigan over a cashmere roll collar for the ultimate luxury and comfortable feeling this Halloween. 

William Lockie Lambswool Sleeveless Cardigan in Ember
William Lo
ckie Oxton Roll Collar Sweater in Black Cashmere

Okay, our décor isn’t exactly terrifying. However we hope we have given you some autumn outfit inspiration and made you feel slightly more in the mood for the spooky season. Lastly, remember and tag us in any pictures of your purchases on social media, we are dying to see your creations!
Happy Halloween from everyone at TDM!