August Outlet Highlights

Is there anything better than a warm, soft, luxurious piece of clothing? Fortunately, Teviotdale Mills outlet store has a fantastic selection of glorious high quality jumpers and cardigans to keep you comfy and snug for those not so summery days.

We have put together some of our favourites. With our worldwide shipping service, you can get gorgeous luxury knitwear straight to your door.

Our first highlight is a William Lockie ladies cashmere vee neck cardigan in slate grey. All William Lockie products have been manufactured in-house at their landmark factory, situated in Hawick in the Scottish Borders the home of Scottish cashmere, since 1874. The cashmere is ethically sourced and comes from mountain goats who roam the freezing climates of Mongolia and China. To cope with the sub-zero temperatures they naturally form a downy underfleece of short hair – and this wonderful natural fibre is the source of the luxurious cashmere.

Slate grey goes with almost everything, and included in the vee neck is a button design and two front pockets.

This cardigan is available in sizes XS, S, M and XL (sizing charts are available on our website).

The next highlight is this men’s 100% lambswool Bordeaux button up jumper. The lambswool comes from Southern Australian sheep raised in a wonderful mild climate. This allows the animals to form a unique kind of wool. The wool is then tightly knitted on William Lockies’ in-house frames.

This jumper is a very popular choice, and as such is now only available in a size S. The elbow patch detail, button design and beautiful colour is bound to make you stand out in the crowd.

If you are looking for an exquisite design, you are not going to be disappointed with our intarsia collection including this lovely equestrian pattern. Intarsia is the name given to expertly knitted complex patterns amazingly produced on hand frames with great precision and care. The traditional knitting skills required to produce these garments have been passed down through generations of Scottish workers.

Our ladies William Lockie 100% cashmere round neck jumper in colour inkwell (mid-navy) is available in a size L and features a horse and rider scene in beautiful hand intarsia.


It is not only jumpers and cardigans available at Teviotdale Mills. We have a lovely collection of cashmere knitted dresses to offer.

This William Lockie pink 100% cashmere maxi dress with pocket design is available in a size XS, and is perfect for looking stylish and comfy. The cashmere is washed in our unique, soft Scottish waters to give it an unmatchable luxurious feel.

Autumn is gradually creeping up on us, so why not treat yourself or someone you care about to this luxurious, stunning seasonal ember men’s jumper. This 100% lambswool jumper  is available in a size M.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our recommended favourites that we have eased your decision to spoil yourself with the finest Scottish knitwear you will find.


Happy shopping from everyone at Teviotdale Mills!